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ブランソンmoに近いカジノ Anyway, in this report I will talk about how my life is been going.
During March we had spring break.
We stayed there for a week.
I woke up at 8 to walk to the ski resort before it opens.
I skied until 4 Androidゲームブラウザのダウンロードに失敗しました it close.
After that i went straight click here the gym to workout.
That week was my dream week.
The week after spring break was prom week.
Prom was on my birthday.
This past 12 years I dreamed to wear a pretty dress, get ready and go to a party.
I decided to go with my friends.
We got together at noon and started getting ready.
I love getting ready.
My friend is also a exchange student and her father is a photographer and he took a lot of amazing pictures for us.
Prom was amazing and I had my best day ever.
We went home to change and take off our makeup and we headed to after prom.
After prom lasted until 4 in the morning.
I was exhausted but it was so much fun.
Anyways, I went to practices before tryouts with my best friend.
I really liked it.
However, my best friend decided not to play soccer.
Some of them helped me practice after practice and for my first game my coach chose me as a starting player.
I really enjoy playing this sports and I will definitely keep playing this when I go back home.
I think I became mentally stronger than I was in Japan.
This feeling probably can feel only went to studying abroad.
Away from family and friends and live with not blood relaties.
My body and mind were completely broken because nobody knows what my feelings and the only way to improve English skills was to wait for time passes.
But I can tell what I wanna say because that time.
I feel that was very small worries when I was worried something in Japan.
This is true lol.
I almost forgot how to make friends lol.
Watching movies is hard without subtitle.
I will do all I can to do at my own pace less source 2 and harf months.
What else… oh, I became positive.
I was depressed every day but now I can move on quickly.
It is mental that grew up the most.
See you in the next report and Thank you for reading!
I wrote about some events in February in Japanese report.
I went shopping, bought many clothes, ate delicious food… i really had good time.
I wanna return to Japan to see my family and friends, but i also wanna stay here.
Tanabe and Mr Askew.
How are you doing?
Yesterday the highest temperature was 100 degrees already!
I definitely got suntan since I came here.
Finally this is my fourth report!
Before we move to this theme, I would write about my birthday!
Last month, I had the best birthday party ever!
My host mother planned.
I invited my friends from school, other exchange students, and some other people.
It was held at skate land and it was my first time to do the roller skating.
Most of my friends and i were not good at it and we fall many times.
And the birthday cake looked super pretty.
I had so much fun!
I realize my ability to take actions have improved a lot.
Many of Japanese do not feel comfortable sharing their opinions and discuss about something.
I more info to be like them.
However in here, expressing their opinions is the common thing.
It took a while to get used to it.
My sense of values that I used to have before I found new perspectives changed in a year.
A few days ago my return date was decided.
I realized my studying abroad just click for source be completed soon.
I have many things to do…: Anyway, thank you so much for reading my report!
I think this is the last report for me.
Hi guys, this is Akane!
How are you doing?
I have a lot of story that I want to talk for you guys about this topic to be honest.
I believe my English skills definitely got better than before I came to America.
And actually my R and L sounds were like kind of missed up, so they were confused to understand what I was saying when I said the word which is included R and L.
So I practiced how to pronounce these words by using sound input on my iphone.
And I feel like I got strong mind, also I believe it is one of the most important for me.
Honestly, I had such a hard time since I came to America, and I cried a lot cause it was not easy for me to do anything without my family and my Japanese friends.
But definitely it made me strong and grow a lot.
And I could realize how much I love my family, and how much they support me.
This is the last report for me.
Today, I am going to write about the things I felt, learned, and got through the study abroad.
What I learned the most is about mental.
Before I started the study abroad, I had thought I was strong enough mentally, I could stand pretty much everything.
But it was surely wrong.
I have had so many things which were so hard to get over.
I know everyone has own common sense, and I know I should not shout down those who have far different idea from mine.
When I face these people, I just listen carefully, think about it, and see my own idea again.
I might realize that they are still different from mine, mine is the best for me or I might find it seems different but I also agree with it.
Not escaping from the differs is important and necessary for me.
It took a long time to realize this, but I believe it is ブランソンmoに近いカジノ throughout my life.
I am so thankful to my family.
Before I started this long trip, I had liked my mother a lot.
I ブランソンmoに近いカジノ to talk to her everything happened to me such as school, friends, teachers.
But I decided not to tell her my struggle things because she would be worried about me.
That decision made the struggle hard.
I could not rely any adult around me at the time.
Then when I talked to her, she said that stop not to talk to me.
I am article source here for you.
Can you image how it was see more to my heart?
I realized my family and friends are always with me.
I am so glad to notice this important thing through the trip.
To be honest, struggles were a lot more than joys.
But I still think I who decided to go this study abroad was right.
There is many thing I could notice unless I came here.
Again I am so thankful to my family, friends, teachers, and every single person I met during the study abroad.
Thank you so much.
Till it is completely over, I will keep trying.
This is Satsuki, staying Missouri.
I am so surprised because I have only 4 monthes left until I come back Japan….
Anyway, this is my 3rd report, and the topic is culture difference between US and Japan.
I guess most of the American family think time that spend with their own family is the most of precious and important.
I just think they love party click big celebration.
In fact their celebration is very big and also many people come, especially their relatives.
I think my family help each other.
I was raising country town and my Japanese family is also big, but their family relationship is very strong.
I thought American likes fast foods, but it is not all American.
I was eating those kinds of foods in Japan than now.
Also my family who are in Arizona and they hosted me 3weeks, they are vegan.
However they eat meet and some not vegan foods.
That was very weird.
It was hard to understand for me the first I came here.
By the way I think Americans eat pizza too much.
Sometimes I remember the meals of ブランソンmoに近いカジノ Japanese family, and then I always think Japanese food is amazing.
Next I will write about the culture differences that I feel those in my school.
In fact, many people has friends who are not same grades.
It often makes surprise for me, because ithey look very older than their exact age.
In addition, American school has a lot of freedom.
I really want to tell that for Japanese school students, because it is so amazing.
Basically my school accepts use phone anytime, so the students can use phone in most of classes.
I usually work like write essay with listening to music actually.
And we can eat something during class, many students go to store and grab that in class.
I often watch ベストスピンアンドゴー戦略 movie in my popular culture class.
Those are very interesting, but those include violence seen too much.
However I can explain American school otherwise.
I think they love their country basically, and they think that is so proud.
I guess their patriotic is very big than Japanese.
In fact they know a lot of knowledge of America.
I usually discuss about history in class, most of people have own idea and they argue that very well.
It is surprised for me too.
And also the gun is very familiar, because some typical store sells gun.
My family thought Japan can use gun.
And my family said it is dangerous, but in my perspective, Japan no guns society is the safer than America.
I have couple LGBT friends, they are all nice and visit web page good person.
However, I was not familiar of that in Japan.
I have met them, they look happy.
I think Japan is more strict for the LGBT.
I could experience very big difference through this.
The culture difference is very difficult, but very interesting.
We can get good experience and improve our independence for feel a lot of cultures.
I remind again, I am in America as foreign exchange student when I am writing this report.
Next report is my last report, I already scary of that, because time goes by so fast…….
At first, I went to Florida in spring break.
I could go to Universal Studio, Disney world, and Sea world three days in a row that week, and I went to beach too.
I went to Universal Studio at first time in my life, and I love MARVEL and Harry Potter.
So, it was so fun!
I could go to 3 beaches, and I thought all of 3 beaches has so beautiful clear water.
The water has mixed green and blue color, and it became my favorite place.
I got sunburned I had my birthday in March twenty third.
First, I think my English skill grow up.
I think I could grow up myself too.
I am not good at to talk with other people, and I was so shy.
I can rise up my hand and say anything in my class.
I thought I can get a laugh when I and my friends are talking.
I and my friends often send messages each other until night.
When I am thinking about my study abroad, I think it is only 2 months.
How are you doing?
I am Arisa Watanabe, staying in Florida.
They hope to have a happiness on top of the happiness.
In fact, I いいえダウンロードカジノスロット無料ボーナス like that too when I lived in Japan, but our happiness is so simple.
Having a peaceful life with family and friends is happiness for us.
Additionally Our usual is not usual here.
I think the primary objective is not to be so worried about improvement with English skills in this experience.
During this eight months I have stayed here, I always feel parents are essential for me to do everything.
I sometimes call my mother when I am not good, and she always makes me feel good and that feel I can do more.
My mother is my precious mother, and, she is like my personal counselor now!
If we have long distance between us or not in same, my parents read article still my parents and that cannot be changed.
I have two more months studying abroad!
Human life is not as easy as I think.
I also need to keep my efforts about learning English harder since I am here.
We can just make a basic conversation in English this life in here.
If you study English vocabulary and grammar every single day, you can get the good score on the English test, but you can do it wherever you live.
I know this way of thinking is that I just want to calm myself down and feel relaxed from emotional pressure.
This time report is long too.
We can meet each other two months later.
Anyway I just do my best last two months.
Next time is my LAST report.
This is Saaya from Kansas.
I heard you girls had an exam recently and Im sure everybody got 100%.
We went to Florida during spring break and i would say that was so much fun more than what i expected before.
The most thing which made me crazy was Disney World.
I was feeling like im in heaven until I notice I lost my wallet somewhere else.
There were my 2 credit cards and lots of cash….
Hopefully, Disney found my wallet, but there were nothing.
Haha Anyway, I literally enjoyed my vacation except it.
Okay, finally Im gonna move on my actual report.
Not only fun things.
I cried a lot.
That was not until I came here, I came to realize my family and friends are so much important in my life.
I had the hardest time throughout my study abroad life a few days ago.
Their message made me more cry, but also give me encourage, power, confidence, love…etc They saved me.
It is not about the study.
It is more precious thing to live our lives.
Okay, before Im gonna done this repot, let me share the several words which I got from ブランソンmoに近いカジノ coordinator.
Your future is yet to come, so dream it, but your present is now, so live it with no regrets.
Remember a smile see more laughter are the best communication of all.
Thank you for reading my 4th report.
But I know we should accept this.
Thanks 無料のオンライン料理ゲームファーストフード always supporting us whenever we got problems and you are the absolute reason why we could still study in U.
We made lots of memory since 4F and we are so proud of we could be last homeroom student of you!
You are the best teacher ever and we love you so so much. ブランソンmoに近いカジノ ブランソンmoに近いカジノ ブランソンmoに近いカジノ ブランソンmoに近いカジノ ブランソンmoに近いカジノ ブランソンmoに近いカジノ


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